Sports Betting

One criteria to consider when placing bets with a sports betting site is the number of betting markets. This can be looked at it in more than one way – in terms of the choice of sports, tournaments, and cups (and countries), and then, secondly, in terms of the choices of types of bet.

Firstly, depending on your expertise, different sportsbooks offer betting on mainstream sports like football (aka. soccer) and horse racing, the two biggest forms of betting in the UK. Beyond that, you can bet upon a host of sports including basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby, athletics, winter sports, cycling, and many, many more. Within those sports, different bookmakers will have a diversity of betting offers on different events, tournaments, and cups.

Aside from the specific games and sports, different bookmakers will offer bets on different types of outcome. Just to take popular example of football, you can bet on the first player to score, the first team to score, the final result, the overall number of goals, the half time result, both teams to score, first team to score, last team to score, and many other permutations, depending on the bookmaker you have chosen.

This is where it really matters which bookmaker you have chosen.  The other thing to bear in mind is that sportsbooks sometimes choose the same software for their sports betting offering, so in some cases, you will see a very similar interface, and a similar set of choices in terms of bets on offer. This is where reviews can be important in helping you to decide which bookmaker to use for a particular sport, or a particular event. The key point here is to do your research when placing bets – and to use our reviews!