Football Betting

Football is one of the most popular sports on earth, and right attracts billions of pounds in bets. With domestic leagues around the world like the EPL and La Liga, the Champion’s League, World Cup and Women’s football, there are countless games to bet on at any given time.

Best Football Betting Sites

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How To Bet On Football

Football betting is a fine art, and there is a learning curve in regards to learning the terminology, the types of betting available, and also looking at betting systems, strategies and looking for tips. The sport itself is something that people enjoy following passionately, and your knowledge of your team, and your chosen league or tournament will certainly help you to assess which to bet in any particular bet or series of bets.

Asian Handicap

This is a type of football betting in which more successful teams are given a handicap, in order to level the playing field. This means that the more able the team, the more they have to score for it to be recorded as a win for the bettor.


This is the nickname for a type of bet which is considered to be a safe bet  / highly likely outcome. When you are on the lookout for tips, then a Banker is type of bet to look out for, although you may find the odds are shorter. It’s worth checking out tipster sites in order to get the inside track on bankers.

Football Accumulators

An accumulator, or ‘acca’ is a bet which involves multiple parts or legs, on different matches, in order to pay out. This is typically a handful of of fixtures, e.g. 4-6, and is a type of bet offered by most of the major sportsbooks. You can also get accumulator insurance and other special offers in order to make this type of bet attractive.

Double Chance

This is s type of bet where you are able to bet on two outcomes instead of one, in a particular fixture. For example you could bet on a win and a lose, or a lose and a draw. This reduces risk, but equally, it also reduces your odds / potential winnings.

Draw No Bet (aka DNB)

This is a type of bet in which, if the draw is the outcome of the fixture, then this counts as no bet, and the stake is returned. As you would expect, the odds are lower with this type of bet.

This is just a very brief introduction to the sport, and we explore this in much greater detail in our Guide How To Bet On Football. If you’d like to know more, that’s your best port of call.

Football Specials – The Sack Race, Transfer Specials & More

Football has some special bets which add an additional level of interest to the sport. The race to see which football manager will be sacked first in a season, or who the next manager of a top team will be are specials that several bookies offer. During the summer and winter transfer windows, speculation around transfers can be huge, so bookmakers will open up betting on the major transfers that dominate the news and football websites at this time.

Tournaments And Leagues

FIFA World Cup

France are the current holders of the World cup, winning the final against Argentina in Moscow in the summer of 2018. The 22nd World Cup will take place in 2022, and it will be head in Qatar, and is likely to feature the usual suspects, such as Germany, Brazil, France, Spain, England, and so on. Most of the major sportsbooks have already opened the early betting on the winner of this event.

UEFA Euro Betting

Champions League

The history and romance of the Champions League, formerly the European Cup, means that it inspires a great deal of speculation and betting from football fans and betting punters. From the prolific goal scoring record of Cristiano Ronaldo to Liverpool’s famous 2005 comeback, to Manchester United’s 1999 Treble, this tournament has the ability to capture more attention than any other club competition in the world.

In 2019, Liverpool beat Tottenham in the all-English final, but speculation is already beginning as to what will happen in 2020.

English Premier League Betting

La Liga Betting

Bundesliga Betting