Premier League To Return Project Restart

It’s been many weeks now since normal life came to a halt, and with it, most sports.

Coronovirus has been a tragedy with so many tragic deaths, but one of the side effects has been to bring to a halt sports, which bring enjoyment and distraction to many people around the world.

The good news is that the peak of the transmission of the virus here in the United Kingdom was over 2 weeks ago, and the spread of it is very quickly reducing on a daily basis. In a few more weeks, it will be safe enough to begin tentative lifting of restrictions.

The English Premier League is set to be part of the lifting of those restrictions, with representatives from all 20 clubs, and the league itself meeting regularly, with the government and other parties, to set the conditions for the remaining games of  the 19/20 league to be played.

Various matters have been agreed. They are likely to meet at 10 neutral venues to reduce the possibility of fans congregating outside. No fans will be allowed to attend the games, with around 300 people in attendance. This will be key people only: Players, the media, grounds staff, coaching team, medical staff, officials, and so on. Some teams are beginning training in preparation for this, with more set to follow.

All of this is being done with careful social distancing and hygiene rules in places to minimise any possible transmission, and regular testing to carefully monitor safety.

Back to Betting

What this all means for sports betting fans who enjoy a punt, is that sports betting will be making a proper return around June. A lot of punters have been getting their fix by turning to esports betting. But it will come as a huge relief to bettors that proper, real football betting is set to make a return.

There have of course been far more important matters since March, to deal with, but now that things are coming under control, the fun and enjoyment that so many people derive from betting on their favourite sports will see a return. It will be a welcome distraction from all of the serious and tragic news, and self isolation and social distancing that has taken such a toll for so many lately.